Rapid Response (R2-3G)


Rapid Response Third Generation (R2-3G) provides Federal Program Managers with a flexible, rapid-response acquisition vehicle that can support nearly any Government requirement. The R2-3G is U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command’s (CECOM) contract vehicle to provide valuable, cost effective and responsive support provided to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies.


R2-3G provides a single source contract vehicle to secure nearly every type of engineering, manufacturing, integration, installation and logistics services (both technical and non-technical) required to support all phases ofr a program of project's life-cycle. Provides maximized flexibility through an ID/IQ contract with a broad selection of labor categories and pre-negotiated labor rates, while supporting Federal agencies' requirements anywhere in the world, is a Total System Life-Cycle Contract Available to all Federal Agencies, $16.4 Billion total contract ceiling.