Seaport-e Team Information


VORTECHX Applied Technologies

127 Monmouth Avenue

Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Phone: 732-291-6025

Fax: 732-291-6035


Last 3 Years of Services Experience

Functional Area 3.1


Result: Delivered Phase I and Phase II solutions to virtualize the Joint Unified Multi-capable Protection System under an SBIR.

Functional Area 3.2

VORTECHX technical personnel have experience gained on contracts prior to their joining the company in Aeronautical, Systems, Mechanical, Software, and Electrical Engineering. Some of our personnel are certified (i.e., ESEP – Expert Systems Engineering Professional, INCOSE – International Council on Systems Engineering and 6 Sigma Black Belt). Some have published refereed journal and conference papers in these areas.

Functional Area 3.3

VORTECHX personnel have contract performance credentials from previous activities prior to joining the company. This capability includes numerical simulations of physical systems using C, C++, MATLAB, COMSOL Multiphysics, and other software packages. The simulations developed have been verified by comparing their predicted results with experimental data. This analysis includes rigorous error analysis to ensure the validity of the measurements.


Functional Area 3.6

Contract: Subcontractor on SSES NexGen W15P7T-12-D-E006/KX01 – System Administration & Information Security for PPSS/PDSS projects


Result: Provided software technical support in the following areas: development, system engineering, acceptance testing, information security management, quality assurance, configuration management, replication and distribution, cost benefit analysis of future technology assessments, and interoperability testing.


Functional Area 3.12

Contract: Subcontractor on S3 Contract W15P7T-06-D-E401 DO56 – SEC DCGS-A Emerging Concepts III


Result: VORTECHX performed the engineering work necessary to integrate HBSS capabilities and functionality into the DCGS-A V3.2.x architecture.


Functional Area 3.14

Contract: Subcontractor on S3 Contract W15P7T-06-D-E405 (DO405) – DCGS-A Software Engineering and Sustainment


Result: VORTECHX performed Information Assurance scans and assessments of new DCGS-A systems before providing the systems to Configuration Manamgment team for fielding.  VORTECHX Engineers found dozens of vulnerabilities that were not on the Scorecard and had to be remediated. A list of the vulnerabilities was sent to the integrators and the problems were remediated and or mitigated in severity due to inherent security in the system.