Enterprise Server Virtualization & VDI

VORTECHX Applied Technologies prides itself on providing scalable enterprise solutions through the use of virtualization technologies.  VortechX has implemented scalable enterprise virtualization solutions for the United States Government, including server and blade platforms on Dell, IBM, and HP Products. 

Conscious of ever evolving technology changes and the demand for cost savings, VortechX has highly trained engineers that provide scalable solutions for a wide range of customers and budgets.  Additionally, VortechX has provided its DoD customer with a mid-tier vCenter Lab Manager infrastructure allowing an organization of developers and integrators to operate from one central portal and effectively manage close to 500 virtual servers with very little oversight and a minimum IT staff. 

VortechX has successfully implemented VMware Horizon View Virtual Desktop Infrasturctures (VDI) using devices Thin Clients as well as the Dell Wyse Zero Client.  This allowed the United States Government to drastically reduce desktop power consumption, cut hardware maintenance cost, and eliminate needless desktop hard drives while increasing security in the network.